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Hello, Royal's, my name is Chauntay, and I am the owner of Royal Hydration + Post Op and Recovery Concierge. I started Royal Hydration + which had many names before I came up with this one. Because I have always wanted to be a wellness nurse. I always had the desire to make people feel and look better whatever that meant to them.

When I was 32, I finally decided to consider a nursing career. I didn't know what that would look like. I was conversing with a college of mine who was a medical technologist. He taught at a school for medical assistants. He would quiz me on medical terms and other quizzes, and I would ace them. He said Chauntay you definitely need to go to nursing school; you will do well. I started taking exams after that job ended as we closed down Portchester Hospital, I forgot to mention I was a lab assistant and my amazing supervisor encouraged me for years to go to nursing school. Why do I say was amazing because he loved all his employees and treated us like we were his family away from home. He had the biggest heart and he told me that is why he hired me. He has passed on but he was a great man and I know his family misses him terribly.

Long story short I graduated from my LPN program, what is now called Jersey College. It was a 13 month intense program. But not even close to the tension I felt in Medicine Surgery the Palliative Care and Family Medicine unit. I worked there for 8 years at a hospital in the Bronx. Those 12 hour shift 3 and 4 day weeks felt like 7 days. I slept 2 of the days i was off just to recover. From the hospital I jumped into Case Management at a facility in Yonkers. That was short lived as many of us were laid off. I was so burnt out that I didn't even care anymore. I wanted to leave nursing. But I had no clue on what to do next.

Next gig lasted 2 years in homecare, I was still not satisfied until I landed a job in Iv ketamine treatment for a small clinical office in Manhattan that had 9 locations when I started. All we did was vitals; place IV's and the Psychiatrist would prescribe a dose for each patient and we would insert 50 cc in a bag of saline and it was dream world for the client for the next 30 to 40 minutes. Then we would flush the medication out of the patients system for another 30 to 40 minutes. Ketamine is a drug administered to people suffering from different depression ailments. It was used to help the patient feel better and help them to ween off most or all of their medications it helped up to 80% of our clients. The job was very rewarding and the least stressful job I had if you don't include the office drama of the Dr. and Rn. whispering about other staff members, but we could hear them. I felt like I was working with children not adults. Anyway this facility closed down within 7 months of me being there due to mismanagement of funds. Smh, I know I started feeling like I need to do something cause I cant keep getting laid off.

Covid hit and I stayed home caring for my mom as her care giver. It was great for a little while, then I had to get back to work cause driving Ms. Daisy was becoming too much. I quickly started working as a Covid Swab nurse, drawing blood and swabbing, then it started slowing down so I was working with a medical assistant drawing blood, taking vitals, ekg's, you name it we were doing it. As time went on I wanted something more, I kind of lost my way and forgot about becoming a wellness nurse over the years. Everything just seemed to hard . My thought process was not at its best. One day I was watching a video about how to become and Aesthetic Nurse provider. I was intrigued and engaged. I wanted to no more.

April 1st, 2021, Chauntay became a Body Contouring and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Yes, on April Fools Day in Georgia, where I visited my brother for the first time ever. I was so excited but didn't feel confident on what I learned. However I activated my LLC August 2021 and got my first client and the results were incredible. I was impressed at how well she was receiving the service. I then moved on to learning Manual Lymphatic Drainage 5 day intense class and you had to be a Licensed Nurse, Licensed Massage therapist, Licensed Naturopathic Dr., Licensed speech therapist. You get the pattern you had to be Licensed.

Post op care was next on the agenda. I love this new career path my first post op client presented to me she was 3 weeks post op her whole abdomen felt like a stiff board. I gave her a quick summation of what she should do, and she followed to the letter. Check out my page and see some of my client's results. Remember Royal's Hydration is the key factor to body contouring and post op care. the lymphatic system needs to be stimulated to help drain fluid from the body. Hydration is Royal. Until next time I am royally grateful you chose this page to read. I hope the post wasn't too long. Have great day....

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